Sikat Na Aktres Ibinunyag Sa Publiko Ang Truma Na Dinanas Matapos Niyang Malaman Na Ampon Siya

A big revelation was shared by Cristine Reyes in Liza Florida’s podcast interview Eight Billion Project.

Although he grew up in a happy and large family with a simple lifestyle before he moved in with his biological mother, he still had wounds in his heart as he grew up.

Cristine Reyes recounted her childhood wounds that traumatized the actress from the time she was six years old until she was 21 years old.

According to her, she was six years old when she found out she was an adopted child. There she found out that her Daddy Metring who made her feel the true love of a father was not her biological father.

She said that her biological parents talked to her when she was a child and said that she was not their real child.

“They told me, ‘You’re not our real child.’ I was shocked. I don’t even remember if I said something. I think I was in a state of shock,” she said.

“You’re real mom is on the way here… The next thing I remeber, there’s a lady entering the house.

“The next thing I remember, my mom pulling me out. I eas holding my Daddy Metring tightly. In my head, ‘Don’t let me go! Don’t let me go’. I was crying so much,” she added.

When they allegedly arrived in her biological mother’s car, young Cristine was still crying a lot.

Her mother allegedly told her that while she was driving, she had to forget the family she grew up with because she was her real mother.

Despite having a big and fancy house the sadness that Cristine feels still has not gone away.

“I think I don’t belong here. Ever since I moved to my biological mom, I felt that I didn’t have a voice. As much as possible, I don’t really talk,”

She thinks that her mother had a good heart when she took her back but she realized that she did not have the ability to take care of them because they are six siblings.

She also recounted that at the age of 6 she experienced being neglected.

“I remember whenever there’s a problem, I would constantly hear words, ‘You know, you should have died. You never should have been born. I tried so many times to abort you. You’re just something else. Your grip was there. You should have died.’

“It was so painful. I grew up hearing that all the time,”

She said she couldn’t quite imagine that her own mother could tell her.

She also called the house she grew up in “hell house”.

She had to endure and take care of himself at a young age and when she turned 21 years old it was here that he had the courage to separate from the family.

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